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How to put rhinestones in a wedding dress

Le 26 May 2015, 05:06 dans Humeurs 0

Your wedding is a day when you can live your biggest fashion fantasy. For many brides, it includes a dress adorned with rhinestones charming. The cost of a wedding dress increases if reasonably decorated. If you do not have a budget that accommodates these expenses, you yourself can spruce your own dress with rhinestones, using a process similar to sew on a button. With a little skill of sewing and minimal financial investment, you walk down the aisle wearing brightly her dress.


1. Place your dress lying on a table. Place the rhinestone gown to test arrangements and shapes. After sewing the pebbles on her dress, trademarks of the points remain on the dress, even if you remove the rhinestones. Test the site that will put rhinestones before, to ensure that you will adorn her dress properly.

2. Remove the dress rhinestones. Place the stones and their metal supports on a plate, not lose them while you sew. Arrange the rhinestone flat face down on the plate. Arrange the side pin brackets upwards.

3.Segure a piece of fabric similar to her dress. Practice sew the rhinestones in retail before you start working on your own dress. Insert a needle with thread, on the side of the fabric. Pull the thread through until the knot to get the material.

4.Enter the needle through the hole rhinestones. Let it slide down the line next to the tissue. Place it in place with the hand thumb holding the fabric.

5.Coloque the needle tip away from the rhinestone side, outside the hole. Insert the needle down through the fabric. Pull the thread to end the first point. This should be about the hole in the bracket, between the two ends.

6.Repeat the extent that there is one among all the rhinestones. You must have a total of four points. The seam should immobilize the rhinestones. Hold the line at the bottom of the fabric. Trim the excess line with scissors.

7.Put the rhinestone flat side down on the stand. Fold the four corners with your finger until they are directly on top of rhinestones. Teeth should immobilize the stone in the holder. Let the retail side, once you are confident with the sewing.

8.Costure holders for your wedding dress in the desired arrangement. Fill each track with a rock after arresting her for the dress.

Tips & Warnings


Rhinestone holders seem small metal rings with four metal pins pointing straight up. Stitch on top of the ring, between the teeth. Select a line of the same color of her dress . Fill a band sewn with a stone before sewing other media. If you do not fill in the stand after sewing it, the teeth can hold the fabric. They must be bent on a stone so that they do not inadvertently pull wires.

How to put straps or sleeves of tulle in a wedding dress

Le 22 May 2015, 09:34 dans Humeurs 0

While strapless dresses have supreme reign in wedding dress boutiques since the 1990s, some women are uncomfortable with so much bare skin. However, strapless dresses give tuned in the body that brides are so fond. If you find yourself in this situation, consider applying straps or sleeves of tulle gown instead of seeking new model. It is very easy to attach straps and sleeves and they give it a modest finish to dress strapless.


1.Vista dress and measure from one side to another of his shoulder, starting in front of the dress and finishing behind. Add 2.5 cm to the extent and this will be the size of your handle. Draw a line in tissue paper in the size of the measure you have taken.

2. To create sleeves instead of straps, measure starting in the middle of your shoulder and go down into the arm, to the location where you want the sleeve to end. Represent this measure of manga drawing a perpendicular line between the first line into two equal parts. Draw two lines connecting the end of the new line to the two ends of the first line, creating a bell-shaped curve to form the sleeve find your fitted camo hats online( ) .

3. To make the handles, first decide the thickness whatever they have. Fold the measure. Use length you measured in the first step and draw a rectangle with two sides of this measuring length and the other two sides measuring twice the desired width of the handle.

4.Corte the tissue paper and gift in tulle with pins. Cut the fabric on the paper size.

5.Dê finish on the ends of the sleeve, if the fabric is of the type reels, such as organza. To do this, fold the edge in a discreet hem and sew it with a small point. To make the handles, fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew the ends. Turn the handles inside out and press the fabric with a cool iron.

6.Fixe sides out of the sleeves or straps, the dress lining with the pins. Try the dress and make adjustments as needed. Stitch loops or sleeves in place by hand, the only points of keeping the inside of the fabric so that they are not seen from the outside of the gown.

Tips & Warnings


If you want to only use the sleeves camo bags for wedding professional supplier – Weddingdresstrend( ) or straps to the ceremony, you can hold them to dress using snaps which are easier to remove, rather than sew the sleeves or straps directly in dress.